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“Success at school takes more than just brain power. A Child fulfll its needs through Academic, Social, Emotional, Physical & Culture”
The Maya International School is a Playgroup to Class VIII English Medium School that offers high quality
education by drawing on the best facets of a culturally rich & diverse community. We offer innovative
and refreshing new approach to education that combines contemporary learning techniques and
principles with a balance of personal development, spiritual growth and physical challenge.

The Maya International School
An Overview

Nursery to Class VIII English Medium with International curriculum At The MIS we are committed of providing Complete Development  of Child through our unique “5 Point Success Model” – A full life of sports, clubs, volunteering, events and leadership
coaching keeps students active and developing the social skills critical to their growth into adulthood.
The MIS is located in heart-of-the-city with least Traffic, Green environment, best approach and connectivity from all corners of the city.
School facilitates highly Secured Campus with measures like  Security camera, Guards, professional staff ensuring students are always looked after  Student-Teacher ratio of 25:1, ensuring personalized attention to individual child State-of-the-art, Technology-enabled and Air-conditioned campus.
THe Maya InternationalSchool

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